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Sukhothai Hotel Online Reservations

Sukhothai Restaurants at Sukhothai Heritage Resort

Thailand is world famous for its cuisine and even at a local level each part of Thailand is famous for its own specialty. Sukhothai is famous for its noodle dish aptly named “Sukhothai noodles”, a tasty blend of rice noodles mixed with crispy pork, garlic, green beans, coriander, chili and peanuts in a broth flavored with dark soy sauce.

Sukhothai noodles plus many more enticing Thai dishes along with international favorites are available. Additionally regular buffets and themed nights will allow you to sample even more of the vast variety of food available.

Sukhothai Heritage Resort Dining & Bar:

Lotus Restaurant:

Lotus Restaurant at Sukhothai Heritage Resort: Sukhothai Dining & Bar, Thailand DestinationThe Lotus offers a choice of indoor (air-conditioned) or outdoor dining and is the venue for all main meal services.


Sala Sukhothai:

Sala Sukhothai at Sukhothai Heritage Resort: Sukhothai Dining & Bar, Thailand DestinationThis is an open air sala style restaurant ideal for private group meals and special events. It will also be open during periods of high hotel occupancy to ensure our highest levels of service are maintained.


Vanda Bar:

Vanda Bar at Sukhothai Heritage Resort: Sukhothai Dining & Bar, Thailand DestinationFor a refreshing thirst quencher or a long evening cocktail at the end of a busy days sightseeing the Vanda Bar and lounge is the place to go. Located around the tranquil lotus pond it’s a place to relax and unwind and meet your fellow hotel guests.